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Susan in her office.Here I am, right in the middle of the baby boomers. I had not thought about it very much because I have been too busy living. However, a few months ago, some dear friends were visiting from Texas. As usual, Dottie asked a provocative question over the second glass of wine. “How are you planning on spending the next third of your life?” Certainly, a lively discussion ensued and lasted the rest of the evening. However, even after they returned home, that question continued to pop into my mind at the oddest times.

Ultimately, that question gave rise to this website. For the last 20 years I have tried to live my life intentionally and with gusto, meaning that once I contemplated a concept, an issue or an action I wove the best approach I could come up with into my life. That question made me realize that because I am such a “here and now” person, I had done very little to evaluate how to live my next 30 to 40 years. Clearly it was time for that to change.

I am using this site to contemplate the concepts, issues and actions I need to take now and in the future to continue to live with gusto. Topics that I will spend quite a bit of time on include financial wellbeing, anti-aging, nutrition, supplementation to support a healthy life style, learning, teaching and general quality of life topics.

Because I was trained as a scientist I will use as much research and data as I think are important to contemplate each topic.

I thank you for your time – which I believe is our greatest gift and hope if you find taking this journey with me enjoyable you will consider it time well spent.

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    • Susan

      Dear Lauren, Thanks for the kind comments. I would love to provide you with a guest post but you will have to help. While I am an aspiring entrepreneur, I have never been a mom – unless dogs count. Drop me a quick email and let me know what your visitors might like to hear from me. Susan

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