Wealthy Affiliate Review

I am so excited to have found Wealthy Affiliate that I wanted my first review to be about the platform, the owners, Kyle and Carson, and the place where you learn how to build a thriving business one concept at a time at a pace that you control. I should have known. This business has been in existence for 10 years. When I typed in wealthy affiliate reviews there were 3,470,000 bing results. Google was much more discriminating and had only 1,130,000 review results. This is probably why I prefer using Google as my search engine.

So, instead of actually reviewing Wealthy Affiliate, I wanted to point you to reviews that I thought would provide you with the most information possible. Christene Swanepoel provides an excellent review of Wealthy Affiliate at her website, Internet Scams and Site Reviews (christene-marketing.com). Raymond Selda’s review is also excellent and can be found at raymondselda.com. Today, these two reviews were the number 1 ranked reviews on Google and bing, respectively. Christene provides an detailed overview of the free Starter Membership program and the affiliate program offered by the platform. She also goes into the most detail when describing what upgrading to Premium Membership means. Raymond’s review does a great job describing not only the extensive training but the excellent community, the tools of the trade and the instant support. Both reviewers point out the overwhelming amount of information on the site and how easy it is to be distracted. After you read their reviews, I would prefer you come back to my site to join here. However, no matter who you join with, I am sure you will be glad you did.

I will readily admit that while you have access to the entire site for 7 days including live support from the owners and other experts in the community, I upgraded to Premium Membership after only 2. I am so enthralled with the excellent training, the level of support and the positive attitude of the community that I could not wait to become a full member. However, I am convinced that with the amount of information provided by the Starter Membership, you could easily establish a starter internet marketing business. I am just very impatient.

Features that I love are the websites and hosting capabilities of the platform and the keyword tool. I have historically found trying to set up sites very intimidating. At Wealthy Affiliate Rubix makes it a breeze. My website was up in 5 minutes. I could not believe it.

I also want to tell you that I reviewed complaints against Wealthy Affiliate. The thing that amazed me most was how limited the complaints were. Wealthy Affiliates had only thirteen, that’s right, 13 complaints over 10 years. In reviewing the 13 complaints I found that most were about cancelling the auto-charge for monthly membership and that many of them had been resolved. There were several complaints about the lack of refunds but since you can have a free Starter Membership for a lifetime and pay the Premium Membership dues monthly, there is nothing to refund. I am not sure how that is a complaint.

Now clearly there are other internet affiliate marketing courses out there and over time, I plan to review the best of the competition. Almost all the information provided  by any of the affiliate marketing platforms can be garnered for free, as well. However, remember what I said about distractions. If you think that Wealthy Affiliate has so much information that it is too distracting, imagine trying to ferret the information out for yourself – and testing it all.